Investment Management and Research

Dean has been in the Financial Services Industry since 2005 and received the certification of Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC®) in 2012 from The American College.

He has been Awarded the title of “Five Star Wealth Manager” by San Diego Magazine in the February Issue of 2008,2009, and 2010. This is an independent survey of client satisfaction and the top 7% of managers in San Diego are given the title.

Dean gained  experience working at companies like Northwestern Mutual and Mass Mutual early in his career and in 2012 decided to switch over to the fee-based model of planning in order to better serve his past and future clients. This means:

  • By offering his expertise for a fee it means he can meet with clients as frequently as they want without him having to sell any to products to justify his time spent on planning.
  • While working under Broker/Dealers, he was restricted as to the type of advice he could give and the products he could discuss:  knowing that this didn’t serve the best interest of the client  he became a Registered Investment Adviser with the State of California in 2013.
  • Dean maintains his Insurance license so that he can service his existing clients, receive residual income, and earn commissions should client’s want to purchase insurance through him as a broker.
  • He typically charges $100 an hour  and clients are free to purchase their products from any person or company they choose.


1% Annual (0.25% quarterly) Asset Administration Fee-
KC offers an administration fee of 1% annually on top of its planning fees generally for clients with assets over $100,000. This is billed as 0.25% percent of the assets KC has the ability to trade and bill on behalf of the client as documented on the Fee Calculation Dates (FCD)  the last Calendar Days of March, June, September, and December.   This is not a WRAP fee as conventionally understood because KC does not trade without the direction of the client.

Please see the ADV Disclosures and copies of his Engagement Contracts for full Details. 

*Note these are currently being updated with our move to Portland, OR and this notice will be removed once they are updated.

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Agreement forms:

Financial Planning and Investment Adviser Agreement

Koci Consulting Code of Ethics